Faculty and Learning Investments

Our inspirational faculty are the heart of our institution. Their knowledge, insights, and dedication to their students, their fields and the world have led the success of the holistic education Santa Clara University offers. The uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching across disciplines in a community enriched by people of different backgrounds integrates academic reflection and direct experience in the classroom and the community.

Internships, fellowships and professional development opportunities enhance deep learning in the classroom and beyond for our students. These examples of mission-driven experiential learning propel the success and personal growth of Santa Clara University students and alumni beyond graduation through applied learning, vocational discernment, and community engagement.

faculty teacher lecturing students

Provost’s Campus-Wide Initiatives

Provost’s Faculty Diversity Fund
Increasing resources to recruit and retain a diverse faculty will advance inclusive excellence and ensure that students of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in our faculty population.
Enhancing Technology
We will catalyze curriculum augmentation and redesign to promote innovative use of the learning spaces and educational technology and advance partnerships in Silicon Valley and beyond.
LEAD Scholars Program
We seek to expand and enhance the scope of the LEAD Scholars Program to support first-generation college students throughout their college career and beyond.
Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation
Establishing a Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation will allow SCU to advance faculty development programming, catalyzing best practices in student learning and technology.
Faculty Professorships and Fellowships
Through professorships and fellowships, Santa Clara can recruit and retain exemplary faculty, which strengthen academics and programs and enriches student learning opportunities, boosting our national reputation.

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