Scholarships in Education and Counseling Psychology

We seek to provide scholarships for School of Education and Counseling Psychology students committed to serving low-income communities.

The School of Education and Counseling Psychology prepares outstanding educators, therapists, and advocates, grounded in Jesuit values, who serve and positively transform schools, communities, and the greater society through their work. SCU will offer the equivalent of five full-tuition scholarships to students pursuing graduate degrees in education or counseling psychology who are committed to serving low-income communities. Scholarships in education will attract and retain students interested in pursuing credentials and master’s degrees in teaching or educational leadership with an emphasis on serving students and families in the Latinx community or for those serving in Catholic schools in low-income communities. Scholarships in counseling psychology will attract and retain bilingual, bicultural students interested in the Latino counseling concentration and whose intention is to help meet the psychological and emotional needs of children, adults, and families in the Latino community.

Current use scholarship gifts of any size will support Santa Clara University students today. Endowed scholarships may be established with a commitment of $100,000 or more.


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