Opening Doors

Whether it is paving the way for new students, faculty, or NCAA Division I championships, Santa Clara University is strategically focusing its efforts to attain national recognition.

Alumni Latanya Hilton and Sam Bertram
What’s your mission? Latanya Hilton ’96, MBA ’04, left, has built a career of fostering social good—and at SCU, she has made a point of supporting people of color, first generation college students, and students with financial need. Sam Bertram ’16, M.S. ’18, is climbing new heights with robotics and agriculture—and he’s given back to support the School of Engineering.


Priority Progress

Making our premium education accessible and affordable to a diverse population of high-achieving students is paramount to expanding the University’s reach.


A Legacy of Teaching EXCELLENCE

Endowed chairs are reserved for our University’s most distinguished faculty. For more than 15 years, Albert Bruno, Ph.D., has served as the William T. Cleary Professor, an endowed chair within the Leavey School of Business. Today he inspires students and formulates programs to advance innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Albert Bruno

Ph.D., William T. Cleary Endowed Professor, Leavey School of Business

“My academic life at Santa Clara University is simple to explain: empowering generations of developing minds to be critical thinkers and lead with conscience and compassion. This is what we do at Santa Clara University, no matter the program or department. We challenge students to think with the heart. And when you instruct at a single University for as long as I have, the footprint is humbling.” SEE MORE STORIES ›

Albert Bruno

Campaign Priority Initiatives

Whether our students and faculty thrive within the boundaries of campus, beyond the limits of Silicon Valley, or in remote corners of the world, they do so with the knowledge, skills, and mind-set instilled by this preeminent University.

LEAD Scholars Program
We seek to expand and enhance the scope of the LEAD Scholars Program for first-generation college students. LEARN MORE
Scholarship Funds
Endowing scholarship funds will address unmet financial needs of students, providing competitive and appropriate packages to deserving, talented students. LEARN MORE
Scholarships in Education and Counseling Psychology
We seek to provide scholarships for education and counseling psychology students committed to serving low-income communities. LEARN MORE
Scholarships for Hispanic Lay Ministry Initiative
SCU will provide scholarships to students in master’s programs in support of the Hispanic Lay Ministry Initiative. LEARN MORE
Provost's Faculty Diversity Fund
A Provost’s Faculty Diversity Fund will provide supplemental resources to promote diversity within the faculty. LEARN MORE
Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Scholars
Recruiting postdoctoral scholars will help advance inclusive excellence at Santa Clara. LEARN MORE
We seek to build a nationally prominent athletics program that dramatically enhances awareness of the University. LEARN MORE