High Tech Law Institute

Expanding and enhancing the work of the High Tech Law Institute supports ties between SCU and the tech and intellectual property community in Silicon Valley.

The High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) offers an intellectual property (IP) and high tech curriculum that is among the largest and most respected in the U.S., with specialties including biotech, privacy, and intellectual property. HTLI coordinates programs, initiatives, and events that foster strong ties among its faculty, students, alumni, and the tech community in Silicon Valley and beyond. HTLI would like to expand the popular new Tech Edge J.D. certificate program, the first of its kind in the nation, which combines legal, business, and technology education with hands-on skills development and individualized mentorship. Other enhancements include new Artificial Intelligence initiatives; more multidisciplinary courses to enable students of law, engineering, and business to collaborate; and support for students to pursue externships with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, World Intellectual Property Organization, or other opportunities that may be considered pro bono service.


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