Innovating for the World

The vitality of Silicon Valley innovation—blended with our Jesuit, Catholic tradition of educating ethical and conscientious leaders—thrives at Santa Clara University.

Jesuit, Catholic tradition
Santa Clara University forms leaders at the intersection of the liberal arts and the professions, educated with the indelible values and ethics of the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.


Priority Progress

Making our premium education accessible and affordable to a diverse population of high-achieving students is paramount to expanding the University’s reach.


Christopher Kitts

Engineering Innovation and COLLABORATION

Students enroll in Santa Clara University because they are attracted to an experience that transcends generations. Rigorous academics. Tight-knit community. In the middle of a dynamic metropolis with infinite career opportunities. And timeless Jesuit, Catholic values.

This transformational journey that leads to the steps of our commencement stage is shepherded by renowned professors committed to elevating the student experience.

Christopher Kitts

Ph.D., P ’20, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

“I am a firm believer in the need for interdisciplinary academic collaboration to effectively prepare our students with the knowledge and confidence—and equip our faculty with the ability and resources—to solve global problems. One of the greatest objectives of the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation is to promote this vision. Not just among students but faculty as well.”


Campaign Priority Initiatives

Whether our students and faculty thrive within the boundaries of campus, beyond the limits of Silicon Valley, or in remote corners of the world, they do so with the knowledge, skills, and mind-set instilled by this preeminent University.

Endowed Chairs
Recruiting exceptional scholars to become endowed chairs will advance SCU’s efforts in innovation and entrepreneurship. LEARN MORE
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Expanding the work of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will support the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. LEARN MORE
High Tech Law Institute
Expanding the work of the High Tech Law Institute supports ties between SCU and the IP community in Silicon Valley. LEARN MORE
Global Social Benefit Institute
Evolving GSBI® programs will accelerate social ventures benefitting the poor and promoting global sustainability. LEARN MORE
Humanitarian Engineering
Humanitarian engineering programs enable students and faculty to innovate solutions that positively impact society. LEARN MORE
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking
An Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking program will instill an entrepreneurial mindset among students. LEARN MORE
Innovation in Retailing
Expanding and enhancing internet and digital innovation and inflection will redefine the Retail Management Institute. LEARN MORE
Entrepreneurial Law Programs
Expanding intellectual property, high-tech, and entrepreneurial law programs prepare students to be effective lawyers. LEARN MORE
Real Estate Programs
A new real estate program will provide students with opportunities to engage with a pivotal element of Silicon Valley. LEARN MORE
Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation
The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation brings disciplines together into a state-of-the-art environment. LEARN MORE
The Howard S. and Alida S. Charney Hall of Law
Charney Hall raises the School of Law’s visibility, expanding its impact in Silicon Valley and beyond. LEARN MORE
Miller Center Network
Building the Miller Center Network of institutions will accelerate innovation-based enterprises serving the poor. LEARN MORE
Ignatian Mission Innovation Fund
Innovative programming will foster, deepen, and share the Ignatian Jesuit character of SCU in the 21st century. LEARN MORE
Visiting International Scholars
Hosting international scholars promotes increased understanding and critical inquiry into world religious practices. LEARN MORE
Scholarships for Jesuit School of Theology
Endowing scholarships for graduate students attending JST will allow us to attract and support future ministers. LEARN MORE
Endowed Professorship in Jesuit School of Theology
Elevating an exemplary faculty member into an endowed professorship will strengthen the Jesuit School of Theology. LEARN MORE

Engaged Learning and SERVICE

The Santa Clara University undergraduate experience stands in contrast to that of other institutions. Here students share in learning experiences grounded in ethics—a holistic approach that leads students to resolve today’s most demanding issues.

Erika Francks

’17, Global Social Benefit Fellow, Valedictorian, Fulbright Scholar, Rhodes Scholar Finalist

“How would I describe the Santa Clara University experience? Rigorous. Composed of more than academics. And because of our Jesuit, Catholic ethos, it is undoubtedly values-based. The experience puts us one step ahead of graduates of any other university.”

Erika Francks