Impact Stories

The impact of our community is undeniable. Together we forge solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Leon Panetta

At Santa Clara University, we instill fundamental leadership skills, ethics, and values in each student who receives our revered diploma. Upholding these virtues hinges on our University’s sustained commitment to mold leaders of resolute moral integrity. READ MORE »

Erick Francks

The Santa Clara University undergraduate experience stands in contrast to that of other institutions. Here students share in learning experiences grounded in ethics—a holistic approach that leads students to resolve today’s most demanding issues. READ MORE »

Albert Bruno

Endowed chairs are reserved for our University’s most distinguished faculty. For more than 15 years, Albert Bruno, Ph.D., has served as the William T. Cleary Professor, an endowed chair within the Leavey School of Business. Today he inspires students and formulates programs to advance innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide. READ MORE »

Karen Wheeler

Students enroll in Santa Clara University because they are attracted to an experience that transcends generations, rigorous academics, a tight-knit community, and timeless Jesuit, Catholic values. This transformational journey that leads to the steps of our commencement stage is shepherded by renowned professors committed to elevating the student experience. READ MORE »