Technology Ethics

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics will enhance the Center’s participation in its partnerships in the ethics and artificial intelligence fields.

The recent acceleration in the use of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and algorithmic solutions in all sectors of society will provide many benefits in the years ahead.  Yet, these same technologies give rise to ethical concerns and challenges on a scale we have never faced in the history of humankind. Corporate leaders and technology developers are beginning to realize that their decisions will have a lasting impact on us all.  The Ethics Center is a member of the Partnership on AI and is providing training to various companies in a variety of sectors. Funding will allow for dedicated staffing to enhance the Ethics Center’s participation in the Partnership on AI, give public presentations across the globe that raise the profile of the University, publish on AI topics in a wide variety of media, and convene SCU and national experts.  In doing so we can work toward ensuring that new technologies, especially those around AI, are being developed thoughtfully and to the benefit of humanity.

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Katie Rohrer
Associate Vice President, Development and Campaigns
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