Global Social Benefit Fellowship

Expanding opportunities for global action research fellowships to 18 students per year advances practical social justice using the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship in the developing world.

The Global Social Benefit Fellowship accelerates leadership in social entrepreneurship by providing Santa Clara University students opportunities to learn and work on the front lines of poverty eradication and sustainable development globally. Many students feel passionate about social impact and search for ways to articulate their education with solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

The fellowship invites students to consciously shape their own vocational journeys. The nine-month program includes two intensive courses that bracket a 7-week field experience in the developing world, hosted by GSBI® social enterprise partners. As of 2018, 121 students have participated in the Global Social Benefit Fellowship; three have been recognized as valedictorians at graduation; and eight have received prestigious Fulbright awards. This endowment will ensure continued transformative social justice learning experiences for high-potential SCU undergraduates, regardless of their economic backgrounds.


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