Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation

By establishing a Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation, SCU aims to sustain a faculty development program that catalyzes pedagogical advances in teaching, learning, and technology.

To ensure the best possible innovative and evidence-based teaching and learning experiences for students, to support Santa Clara’s important contributions to scholarly and artistic work across the disciplines, and to facilitate overall professional development for faculty of all ranks, the Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation will facilitate research and collaborations for Santa Clara’s extraordinary faculty community. Students will benefit greatly from the Center’s work as faculty: (1) develop new approaches in facilitating rigorous, innovative, high-impact learning experiences; (2) partner with students on original, mission-inspired research; and (3) mentor students with an aim toward the skills and habits of mind that characterize the Santa Clara experience.

To support this initiative, contact:

Jen Stirling
Executive Director, Campaigns
e: | p: 408.551.6071

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