Benson Memorial Center Renovation

Rejuvenating and expanding the Benson Memorial Center has created a vibrant space that supports students in their holistic development and provides new facilities for campus and community.

A rejuvenated and expanded Benson Memorial Center will serve students at the intersection of living and learning. At its optimum, Benson Memorial Center serves as the hub for student connectedness and community-building—where memories are made and long-term relationships are cultivated—in which alumni desire to return and reconnect. Its central location to residence halls, the Learning Commons, academic spaces, and recreational opportunities enables Benson Center to serve as the students’ common gathering place. Added capacity is also required to support a projected ten percent increase in undergraduate enrollment. The University will also add conference facilities and events spaces.\

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Jen Stirling
Executive Director, Campaigns
e: | p: 408.551.6071

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