Educating the Whole Person

This campaign seeks to ensure and enhance the holistic education that SCU promises to every one if its students. Now we strive to elevate these transformative learning experiences that tie together so many generations of Santa Clara University alumni.

Hemant Thapar and his wife Suniti
By supporting The Campaign for Santa Clara University, Hemant Thapar ’73, M.S. ’75, P ’14 and his wife Suniti ’14 are committed to guaranteeing our University’s experience for generations to come. Students like Michael Mehta ’19 and Yasmin Torres ’20.


Priority Progress

In supporting the campaign, you guarantee a timeless education that will profoundly change lives and communities.


Tricia Tran

Transformative Learning EXPERIENCES

Our University continues its devotion to maintain a campus environment that encourages ethical character formation through the exploration of broad perspectives. Santa Clara University people—with their gifts and goals—are driven to make a difference. We come from all walks of life. We travel seas, coasts, highways, and city blocks to call this University our home. And when we’re together, home is exactly what this place feels like.

Tricia Tran

’16, Leadership Excellence and Academic Development Scholar

“The University provides an atmosphere that promotes intellectual curiosity and compassion—a community few universities offer. Looking back on my undergraduate experience, I crossed the commencement stage with something far more valuable than a degree: a transformative experience enriched by the diversity of the student and faculty population. I learned how to learn. My academic curriculum supplemented by experiential learning opportunities pushed me to attain the skills to become a lifelong learner. An inherent problem solver.”


Campaign Priority Initiatives

Whether our students and faculty thrive within the boundaries of campus, beyond the limits of Silicon Valley, or in remote corners of the world, they do so with the knowledge, skills, and mind-set instilled by this preeminent University.

Center for the Arts and Humanities
Endowing a Center for the Arts and Humanities will enrich the intellectual and artistic lives of the SCU community. LEARN MORE
Signature National Scholarship Program
An enhanced signature national scholarship program will allow SCU to recruit students of exceptional academic potential. LEARN MORE
Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building
The Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building provides a state-of-the-art home for an integrated fine arts program. LEARN MORE
Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation
The Center for Faculty Excellence and Teaching Innovation will catalyze advances in teaching, learning, & technology. LEARN MORE
Endowed Professorships
By elevating exemplary faculty members to endowed professorships, we will strengthen academic departments and programs. LEARN MORE
Summer Fellowships
Summer fellowships allow students to engage in research, creative endeavors, or study in the United States or abroad. LEARN MORE
Study Abroad
SCU aims to increase significantly the number of undergraduate students who participate in a study abroad program. LEARN MORE
SCU seeks to facilitate internship experiences that support students in their professional development. LEARN MORE
Renovation of Classrooms and Enhancement of Technology
To enrich and deepen student learning and collaboration, SCU will renovate 45 general-use learning spaces. LEARN MORE
Integrated Six-Quarter Experience
An integrated six-quarter undergraduate program will expand transformational and developmental experiences for students. LEARN MORE
Stephen A. Finn Residence Hall
By constructing the Stephen A. Finn Residence Hall, SCU is increasing the on-campus residential capacity by more than 350 students LEARN MORE
Benson Memorial Center Renovation
A vibrant, expanded Benson Memorial Center supports students holistically at the intersection of living and learning. LEARN MORE
Endowed Fund for Retreats and Transformational Programs
SCU aims to establish an endowed fund to expand retreats and transformational programs through Campus Ministry. LEARN MORE
Technology Ethics
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics will enhance the Center’s participation in its partnerships in the ethics and artificial intelligence fields. LEARN MORE
Community-Based Learning
Socially conscious learning significantly inspires students to reduce inequality and help fashion a more equitable and sustainable world. LEARN MORE
Enhanced Office of Fellowships
An enhanced Office of Fellowships will prepare more students to compete for prestigious external fellowships. LEARN MORE
Executive Fellows Program
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics will leverage an opportunity to recruit the world’s brightest minds. LEARN MORE
Career Exploration Programs
SCU seeks to expand and enhance vocational discernment programs and courses through the Career Center. LEARN MORE
Global Social Benefit Fellowship
Global action research fellowships advance practical social justice using the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship. LEARN MORE
Immersion Experiences
SCU aims to increase the capacity of immersion programs sponsored by the lgnatian Center for Jesuit Education. LEARN MORE
Thriving Neighbors Initiative
Advancing the Thriving Neighbors Initiative will deepen SCU’s impact on the Greater Washington neighborhood. LEARN MORE

Inspiring Discover of PURPOSE

Students enroll in Santa Clara University because they are attracted to an experience that transcends generations, rigorous academics, a tight-knit community, and timeless Jesuit, Catholic values. This transformational journey that leads to the steps of our commencement stage is shepherded by renowned professors committed to elevating the student experience.

Korin Wheeler

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

“As faculty of the University, our passion lies in helping students discover purpose—imparting knowledge and confidence to shape the world around them, for good. This is a critical element of the Jesuit, Catholic ethos. Putting others before the self.”

Korin Wheeler