Chris Kitts bw portrait

Chris Kitts bw portrait

Engineering Innovation and Collaboration

Professor Christopher Kitts’ greatest objective is to solve global problems.

Santa Clara University promotes innovation in greater service of humanity, with a special concern for the underserved, disadvantaged, and marginalized. Many of today’s most challenging problems in environmental monitoring, global health, and disaster response defy conventional solutions and require that we embrace a new philosophy—an approach that transcends the capabilities of any one discipline.

Christopher Kitts, Ph.D., P ’20, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering: “I am a firm believer in the need for interdisciplinary academic collaboration to effectively prepare our students with the knowledge and confidence—and equip our faculty with the ability and resources—to solve global problems. One of the greatest objectives of the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation is to promote this vision. Not just among students but faculty as well.

“Today’s world requires the aptitude to interpret perspective. It is no coincidence that the Jesuit, Catholic faith encourages this same significant life skill. We are all different people of different circumstances. Only once we come to understand and agree that much can be learned from differences do we have the capacity to push forward—to achieve shared objectives. Solving challenges of industry and community is no different. And the Sobrato Campus will promote a dialogue of curiosity and understanding across academic disciplines. Engineering collaborating with anthropology. Chemistry and biology with social entrepreneurship. The physical barriers preventing ease of collaboration and programming—continuous learning—vanish

“As for now, the momentum of our School of Engineering has never been greater. The School is relentless in its pursuit to create transformational educational experiences. And our impact is real. These experiences are real. For example, NASA contracts the School to run mission control for professional spacecraft. What could be more real than that? How about that for a reason to enroll—or work—at Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering? An experience you just will not find at other academic institutions.”

Jan 15, 2021